About Us

Snuff is making a comeback and the reason for that is the smoking ban. People have found that they don’t like standing outside pubs, clubs etc in all weathers … and who can blame them? lf you are in an environment that smoking is not permitted though, what else can you do? Miners (when we had coalmines) had the same problem but their problem really was for safety. Miners got round it by taking snuff, and you can too.

Unfortunately snuff is harder to buy because it went out of fashion. However, it is really quite easy to make and all you need is tobacco leaves. That’s where we come in. We have sourced a supply Premier Burley and Virginia tobacco leaves and can offer it to you at a fantastically low price. We made sure the tobacco leaves were of premier grade before we bought it by actually going to see it first. lt’s something we intend to continue doing.

We’ll also be adding to the site as time goes on with tips etc on how to look after your tobacco leaves, flavouring and so on. This is regardless what you purchase your leaf for. We are continually astonished to the many uses tobacco leaf is purchased for. Cooking, tea, coffee, fragrance, medicinal. perfume, e-cig oil to name but a few … and of course snuff which is what we know about.

Link to great Snuff Forum … everything you need to know … and more!


TL4U Ltd.  Head Office :- The Bloc, Unit F7, 38 Springfield Way, Anlaby, Hull, Company Reg No 8794079

Refund policy

If you are not happy with any purchase you can return your item/s within 28 days of delivery, for a full refund of the original payment.

Email us at admin@tobaccoleaf4u.com to let us know you are intending to return the goods and then send your purchase to us at the address given in our reply.