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  1. parmenion says:

    I see you have no PLV in stock. Will you be getting more in…or are yous winding up? 🙁

  2. TL4U Ltd says:

    N2D have now done a follow up regarding registration for leaf. Well worth a read and they are giving away free gifts!!! LINK

  3. TL4U Ltd says:

    We were going to post about the new registration scheme for raw tobacco but those boys at N2D have already done so. They’ve done it far better than we could and we agree with everything they’ve said. HMRC & Border Force are targeting the legitimate trade and that’s you and us. The illegal trade does not seem on their agenda. We are being used as cannon fodder just so they can be seen to be doing something.

    As private customers you will have options to continue to purchase your leaf. For us as a company, the future is very uncertain.

    We advise you all to go over to N2D, take note and participate. LINK

  4. Geordieboy says:

    Thought you folks would like to know how this tax malarky thing works if you smoke the leaves. l wrote to HMRC and told them l smoke about 50 grams a week and could they tell me how much excise duty tax l owe. They didn’t respond so l wrote them again and got same result so l gave up. l reckon it’ll be same with the new regs next year. Mark my words.

    Truth is l’m a snuff man but was nosey. lol

  5. barrie thomas udall says:

    i have looked at the selection of leaves and prices with keen interest….virginia and burleys seem to be the the stock in trade…..i would be tickeled pink if i could find bursa (turkish) spicy sweet fragrant and highly aromatic,and for a turkish quite high in nicoteene( pipes or cig blending) or mopan mayan from equador a primitve /rustica with a nicotine content of 28 mg/g

  6. dylan says:

    My first order of wholeleaf & very impressed at TL4U & will be ordering again soonish.

    Stopped smoking 3 years ago & moved onto Snus, Snuff & vaping, so was my plan to use wholeleaf for this & make a WTA tobacco flavour concentrate.

    Couldnt resist the smell though so made up a cig of light burley & enjoyed every puff, much better than any comercial brand I remember, almost cigar like.

    Thanks to Angie (not got email open so hope I got your name right) for being understanding after I buggered up the payment & dispatching quickly.

  7. Alfred says:

    Well after an extremely long process of trial and error I think I have eventually found an almost perfect blend of rolling tobacco, here’s the method.
    Shred about 5 leaves of lemon Virginia then spread it out as thinly as possible on a tray.
    Next heat up about one and a half cups of water (from a drinks machine of some other filtration system) and dissolve 1 table spoon of honey in the water and put in spray bottle
    Next shred 1&1/2 leaves of dark Burley shred this 2 or 3 times to get a very fine dust
    Then spray the damp Virginia with the water/honey mixture (just to slightly dampen it) then sprinkle on the Burley dust.
    The idea is to mix a slight amount of Burley and get it to stick to the Virginia, the tobacco should be just damp enough to hand roll into cigarettes and this is should be somewhere between Golden Virginia and amber leaf and is quite a pleasant smoke.
    Hope someone finds this useful

    • Tim says:

      Hi bud I used to smoke BxH and steriling maf air all that stuff and I just can’t get the right mix am just on lemon Virginia when I add dark or light burly its to strong any ideas on mix cheers

      • Phil T says:

        My first order was for LemonVirginia/LightBurley mix….I found it quite sharp to start with but after reading in these comments about roasting the tobacco it made it much smoother.

        I blend my mix with a stick blender in batches and then lay it out on a baking sheet then into a cold oven and turn to 150C and leave for 20mins (I would probably do 15mins if preheated). After 20mins, take out tobacco and moisten with water (whilst still warm), cover with foil till cool.

  8. Phil says:

    I’ve gone to a food blender it works great the leaves are better to blend if moist so no more drying straight out of the bag then use the powermatic 2 with tubes from pound shop £1 for 200 lol

  9. liam says:

    Ive ordered from a couple of places online tobaccoleaf4u is by
    far the best quality keep up the good work. placed an order today and will stick with you guys from now on.

  10. Scousersaurs says:

    Hi, I received my order safely this morning, thank you very much for the sonic delivery and professional service. Many thanks.

  11. The Blocked Dwarf says:


    How to get an ‘English’ GV/AA/CC style taste…well actually you won’t unless you add about 400 chemicals/E Numbers and have a commercial processing plant. But (according to my mate in another country where it is duty free to process tobacco for smoking at home) this will give you something every smoker of Silver Slut will be able to smoke.

    You need slightly more TL4U Premium Virginia to an amount of TL4U Prem LIGHT Burley and a couple of handfuls, if you have it, Oriental. So something like 200g Virginia,150g LIGHT Burley and 30g Oriental…those sort of proportions. Shred, mix, and TOAST…that’s the vital part.

    Spread it approx 1-2cm (no thicker) on a baking tray and bake in a 50C oven for a hour to dry it down to ‘death valley’ levels. Then turn the oven up to 150C. After 15 minutes open the oven door, the cloud of hot ammonia should knock you on your arse and cauterize your sinuses. Keep checking it every 10 minutes until the Mustard Gas had pretty much vanished. Probably take about 20 minutes. Carefully remove the tobacco and mist as gently as humanly possible but don’t mix yet. When the tobacco had taken on some moisture, gently mix and spray with water. Do not over moisten. When the water spray first hits the hot tobacco you should get a coffee/nutty/chocolatey aroma coming off.

  12. Nick says:

    The vac packed tobacco definitely keeps a long time.

    I’ve got some I bought this time last year, and it’s still in A1 condition. No noticeable drying out or deterioration.

    If you are considering stocking up, don’t be concerned about it going off.

  13. laurence says:

    Another delivery today now my fourth and many more to come. Excellent as always Cheers Guys

    • Ev says:

      Hi which do you surjest to try for replacing shop brought golden virginia please

      • Scousersaurs says:

        I was wondering about that myself, as I am a hardened Golden Virginia smoker, I have only recently started smoking tobacco leaf, and at the moment I am smoking Premier Dark Burley but it is much to strong! it taste like a strong cigar and I am coughing my guts out, and I never cough when smoking normal Golden Virginia. But on the good side I have cut my smoking down well under half, cough, cough, cough you see. Anyhow once I’ve finished this Premier Dark Burley I will be trying one of the Premier Virginia range

        • The Blocked Dwarf says:

          To make a ‘dark’ tobacco milder, shred your tobacco as normal. Spread it approx 1-2cm (no thicker) on a baking tray and bake in a 50C oven for a hour to dry it down to ‘death valley’ levels. Then turn the oven up to 150C. After 15 minutes open the oven door, the cloud of hot ammonia should knock you on your arse and cauterize your sinuses. Keep checking it every 10 minutes until the Mustard Gas had pretty much vanished. Carefully remove the tobacco and mist as gently as humanly possible but don’t mix yet. When the tobacco had taken on some moisture, gently mix and spray with water. Do not over moisten. When the water spray first hits the hot tobacco you should get a coffee/nutty/chocolatey aroma coming off.

          Of course I would never dream of making illicit tobacco at home in the UK but my friend in the EU who gave me these instruction smokes 100% Burley or Burley & Dark Air Cured mix, that’s how mild toasting baccy makes it.

        • david says:

          I used to smoke GV for years. A weekly mix for me is 50g Lemon Virginia, 25g Red Virginia, and 25g Light Burley.
          Good luck!

      • The Blocked Dwarf says:

        “How do I get a taste like that of GV/CC/AL etc?”
        I get asked this question daily. The simple answer is: YOU WON’T nor should you want to! That taste you like so much isn’t the taste of the tobacco but of all the flavourings, chemicals, and additives the makers of commercial tobacco put in to homogenize the taste. You know, the reason why every packet tastes the same as the last. Think about it, no potato in a bag is exactly the same as another even if they are all King Edwards. EVERY single tobacco leaf of every single plant is slightly different & will have a slightly different taste. Yet every strand in your pack of Silver Slut is a clone of the itself. That can only be achieved by first weakening the natural taste of tobacco then boosting it back up again with more chemicals than a track and field event. Whole leaf tobacco is ‘pure’, additive free so you are getting the natural real taste of the tobacco & not the couple of hundred E-numbers Big Tobacco cudgel their tobacco flavour to death with. Most people find that after a couple of days of getting used to smoking whole leaf that they wouldn’t go back to shop bought cigarettes even if they were free.

  14. Vaping Tommy says:

    After a few years using E-Cigs, I finally got concerned about Propylene Glycol and decided to look into switching back to tobacco, but healthiest way possible. My friend raved about your company and allowed me a puff of his premier red virginia, I love it. I didnt mind the bitterness, thats why I wamnted to come to proper smoking. Electronic cigaretes are great for avoiding bans and places you don’t want to blow real tobacco smoke at people, but they definitely lack in taste! Maybe I am just biassed after decades of smoking and enjoying every minute of it!

  15. Graham says:

    Order arrived really quickly thank you. I am enjoying mixing different quantities of different leaves. It is fun besides saving vast amounts of money! Keep up the good work!

  16. Raymond says:

    golden virginia was my usual smoke, but i it has gone a little to expensive for me, so i tried Premier Lemon Virginia on its own, but was to mild, so i mixed Premier Lemon Virginia 50% and Premier Red Virginia 50%. it seems to be as close i can get to golden virginia,
    try a small batch, see what you think, hope you enjoy,

    • Ev says:

      Hi ray I am a newbee and like yourself would like a smoke as near to golden virginia as poss… Have you tried the RV on offer ? Would it be the same as the one that you used for your mix ? Cheers all comments welcome ..I need to order and don’t know which to can I buy small amount of try samples ?

  17. thomas says:

    a lot of people looking to get a similar taste to their usual smoke..remember shop bought baccy has a load of added chemicals,to enhance the taste,,while the leaf is only nicotine,you are not getting the added chemicals,more beneficial to your health,,,i like a strong smoke and find a 60%lemon virginian with 40% dark burley is a perfect mix,,if you want stronger increase the amount of dark burley or if you want a milder smoke reduce the amount of dark burley in the mix.

  18. anthony says:

    tl4u are the best their customer service is second to none’angie goes out of her way to make sure you get your order as i live in dublin and have being a customer of theirs for about 6 months and have had no problems’all i have for tl4u is praise and thanks their tobacco leaf is the best”’will be a customer of theirs for life

  19. Jeff says:

    Consistently good service from this site. The latest offer of RV for £15/kg was great. Just needed to slightly rehydrate and shred. A lot of small leaf pieces, made it fiddly, but well worth the cash. I did have a batch of Oriental which developed mould – but I cut out the bad bits and retained the good. I guess it was somewhat damp in storage, Usually the leaf arrives too wet to shred, so I either leave it out to dry or put it in the oven for 30 seconds (really time sensitive process – 10 seconds too much can be disaster). Overall delighted with the service, pity they use Hermes rather than Royal Mail, and my only worry is what will I do without them when the law changes next year!

    • Ev says:

      Hi Jeff the RV offer baccee is it the same as the other red Virginia ? Am trying to work out which to buy ..I don’t want to end up with a big amount of one I don’t like..would like to get a blend similar to golden Virginia and amber leave..cheers

  20. john says:

    Ireland,just got some of the lemon virginia,really nice mild good qualty,they will deliver to ireland if you email,,,6 days to west coast, not bad,,,,no problems with email as one person had,,genuine company,highly recomend,

  21. Alf says:

    Hi does anyone know what I can add to my Tobacco to get the same or similar flavour as Old Holborn. I found a website that sells Old Holborn flavouring but it is e-liquid for vaping. does anyone know if this can be used to flavour rolling tobacco? And how do I add it to the tobacco. Any help will be appreciated.
    Thanks Alf.

  22. Geordie says:

    Dear Admin & fellow seasoned smokers….according to my research, Golden Virginia is a fine cut blend of Virginia, Burley & oriental tobacco,but it would be easier to find rocky horse shite than the actual percentage mix of each. Could one of you fine people guide me somewhere close, either through your own experimentation or indeed connoisseur knowledge, & if I may ask also which of the two Burleys & two Virginias that can be sourced here would best compliment the Oriental to produce as near as damn-it my favourite smoke of 35 years. Either way,this wonderful place will keep me coughing to the coffin I’m certain….thanks for listening.

    • Col says:

      I was just about to ask the very same question.
      Not that I am setting on a career of bootlegging, but I would like to create that flavour for my ecig adventure and having something familiar would certainly ease the transition from hardened lifetime smoker, to plastic stick sucker. I did say stick didn’t I? Yes, good. Anyway any suggestions would be appreciated by at least two of the community.

  23. ricky says:

    Although orders are received quickly emails are not, ive sent 2 email enquiries regarding tobacco packages and received no reply

  24. Terry says:

    Just a thought, but if this or any subsequent government fulfil their promise to get us out of the EU, would this then put raw leaf in line to be reclassified into a product that could attract direct taxation?
    Raw tobacco is, after all, in the firing line in the eyes of the government and I’m sure this hasn’t gone unnoticed by the other parties.
    Scary or what!

    • Steve says:

      As Angie said

      “The devil will be in the detail which is not available as yet. HMRC may have proposed certain changes but they have to run it through their legal dept first. Until then we don’t know but there will be other avenues that will open up regarding leaf. I believe N2D are shortly to do an article on it … God bless them :)”

  25. Raymond says:

    Does anyone know if we are able to get tobacco leaf after the the 2016 budget?

    • Angie says:

      The devil will be in the detail which is not available as yet. HMRC may have proposed certain changes but they have to run it through their legal dept first. Until then we don’t know but there will be other avenues that will open up regarding leaf. I believe N2D are shortly to do an article on it … God bless them 🙂

  26. Natalie says:

    Is my tobacco going moldy???
    I only ask because I have some tobacco ordered last month, that seems to have white powdery/fluff on some of the leaves.
    How should I ideally store my tobacco to keep it fresh, new to all this.
    Is it safe to still smoke???

  27. Nigel says:

    After much experimentation, my preferred mix is 50% burley, 25% lemon virginia and 25% red virginia.

    By the way, the raw tobacco registration scheme was announced in yesterday’s budget but it won’t come in until the 2016 budget.

    So make the most of your leaf while you can!

  28. Laurie says:

    Absolutely beautiful and I wish I could have some more but I’m in Australia and you won’t send me another batch ;( ;( ;( It’s the best leaf I have received in years.

  29. Natalie says:

    Received today…..1st time buyer and i will be back again….leaves the mouth a little dry but its cheap…

  30. Natalie says:

    Im going to order shortly….anyone tell me which leaves will be as close as possible to Amber Leaf strength…Thanks all

    • garry says:

      i use lemon virginia aqnd light burley.25% virginia + 75% light burley.its a great smoke.

      • Natalie says:

        I ordered that mix….bit strong that Burley lol….will try 50 50…whats the oriental like any idea? Thanks

    • david says:

      Hi Nat…Part of the fun is experimenting with different mixes. I normally mix mine in 100 gram batches which will see me through the week. For an Amber Leafish type smoke, I would mix 55g Lemon Virginia, 25g Light Burley, and 20g Red Virginia. I’d also get a decent shredder…which is pretty essential! I’d heartily recommend the G100. I’ve been using mine for a year now and it’s still going strong.
      Hope this helps.

  31. David JT says:

    Leaves 10-10 Service 10-10 and Delivery 10-10
    Im just wondering if anyone gets a dry mouth when smoking Raw Tobacco Leaves,,as one or two of my friends and family and myself seem to get dry lips and mouth,,,i would be greatfull if anyone as had it and got a cure…

  32. Raymond says:

    another brilliant batch of tobacco, and 10 out of 10 for the professional packaging, seems to keep the tobacco 100% perfect
    thanks to all at tobaccoleaf4u

  33. Unna says:

    Leaves arrived. Good quality. Will be ordering from you again. Thanks for your prompt delivery and good service.

  34. philip says:

    Hi received my first order yesterday burley light its great but a bit strong I want to order some Virginia but what’s the difference between the standard and premier range thanks

  35. Tommy says:

    l’d just like to explain something to those of you who buy leaf. Hand sripped is ALWAYS in small bits of leaf I say this cos some of you say it’s not whole leaf. Of course it is, it’s hand stripped !!!!**!!!! Your getting abetter deal FFS! You get no stalks, just leaf.

    Had to say this cos l got some for a mate and he started complaining bout it. Bloody muppet!

  36. Trevor Goddard says:

    I have been buying from these guys for a good few months, and the product is absolutely brilliant.
    I am currently using a juice maker to make my snuff, and the results are wonderful!
    All in all, a company I will certainly continue to trade with in the future!
    Have managed to grow my own tobacco plants, and had great results, but my baccy was too “green” for my liking, so had to cut is with my purchased baccy
    I certainly hope that this business survives and blooms, and continues to be there for us for many, many years to come!.

  37. Raymond says:

    Thanks for your excellent service, and quality tobacco leaf, I have had quite few orders, and all good quality, website looking good.

  38. terry says:

    I recently purchased a 0.8mm shredder from a shop in Norwich on Ebay. They are slight sub-standards, mine had a slight roughness in the side gears but quickly freed up after a little use. The cost? £17 with free postage. Get one quickly though he has only 4 left!

  39. Tony says:

    I wish to order some tobacco leaf, but I am leaving the Country for two months.
    Q: What would be the best way to store the tobacco leaf, do I shred it? Or leave it whole? Do I put it in a sealed container? Thanks

  40. gordon says:

    allways had a good product from these people and very good service from them very polite will use again.

  41. SureCircuit says:

    Ordered a 500g Light Burley/Lemon Virginia mix a few days ago, arrived in perfect condition today. Gave both variants a day in court and puffed up on both, plus a 50/50 mix.

    Light Burley is strong, probably a little strong to smoke by itself but works perfectly as a 50/50 mix with the Lemon Virginia, providing a subtle ‘kick’ in the back of the throat, offset by the mildness of the Lemon. The Lemon Virginia is a little mild for my taste, but others enjoyed it as is.

    As previously mentioned, package arrived in perfect condition and prompt. Only tried 1 leaf of each for ‘test’ purposes and frankly jaw-dropped by the amount generated. Will definitely order again, my apprehension was unfounded, customer feedback was awesome and the perceptible saving I’ve made already is staggering. I can genuinely vouch for these guys who were completely open and honest with me, having never ordered leaf tobacco before.

    Many thanks!

  42. david says:

    Done a 40% virginia 20% burley 20% kentucky and 20% red virginia today it has a nice taste but is a bit too strong. Also done a 80% virginia 20% red virginia i have to say the taste is wonderful a lovely sweet toffee/caramel flavour to it… still a bit mild but awsome taste. What i like about mixing/blending is the fact you can mix to suit your fancy at a given time. Say early morning the virginia/red virginia would make a nice sweet light start to the day while a 40 virginia 30 kentucky 10 burley 20 red virginia would make great robust after lunch treat.

  43. david says:

    Having purchased some virginia i found it a bit too mild for me. I have since tried some dark burley red virginia and the fire cured kentucky. The burley has a light cigar flavour and smell that when blended with the virginia between 25 to 50 % gives a very robust flavour. The kentucky has a lovely flavour woody smokey scented really refines the blend but isnt too powerful even upto 50%. I decided to try the red virginia by itself seeing as the original virginia was too mild for me and flavour wise it is awsome but please be warned this is strong by itself i suggest using it sparingly in a mix… sadly i only ordered 250g of the red and a few of the leaves had some slight molding on them. I now need to find a blend that suits me. I am going to try a 40% virginia 20% red virginia 20% dark burley and 20% fire cured kentucky and adjust from there. I hope The virginia smooths out and lightens the blend the burely adds the depth the kentucky the top notes and the red virginia the sweetness. I hope i can find a perfect blend for me it would be nice to see some semi oriental or oriental to add a bit spice and maybe some lattika as iv never tried it before but hey, now i am just being greedy. Great service and great new leaves well done tl4u

  44. Pete Murphy says:

    I’ve made several orders now with this supplier and have never had any sort of problem. The product is excellent, delivery is always prompt, packaging is good and communication top-notch.

    Will not hesitate to recommend to everyone, especially the Burley range mixed with a little Dark Kentucky mmmmmmmmm :=]

    Keep up the great work TL4U! And THANKS!

    Pete M.

  45. Jean says:

    Amazing customer service, best I ever encountered…
    Thank you.

  46. NP says:

    After all the fruitless searching of the internet for a good reliable supplier of loose tobacco leaf at reasonable prices, I eventually struck gold.

    Thanks to TL4U I`m in tobacco heaven!

  47. david says:

    TL4U have excellent customer service and fast delivery. I received my order of Virginia Thursday (ordered Monday) the leaf is already stripped from the stems(which is fantastic) and has a divine aroma. The leaf is extreamly smooth and mild with a light sweet taste. it maybe too smooth by itself for some tastes. I think I can get away with its smoothness but Having only tried a little thus far personally I am going to let it sit for awhile to see if this changes and decide if I need to add a little burley… either way It is a fantastic leaf and more than merely useable as is. The only very slight negative is that some of the leaf is ever so slightly moist but not to the point where it needs drying before use. I would prefer it if the leaf was slightly more dry. Another company I have previously ordered from sent the leaf in vacuum packed bags and was dryer which stored very easily for months on end.
    I would recommend TL4U as leaf, customer service and price are excellent


    service & delivery 100%
    Price 100%
    Leaf Quality 100%

    My Utmost Thanks to tl4u from a new customer who will 100% order again in the future

  48. Pete says:

    Fantastic product, fantastic service, everything…fantastic. Thanks a lot Kristina for all your help and patience. Pete.

  49. Louise says:

    I am a returning customer and have been buying this now for almost a year. I will never go back to shop bought ever again. I use Virginia/Burley mixed 70/30 and it tastes great. It has saved me a small fortune. Great service, communication and deliver every time. Thank you for a great service.

  50. Martine says:

    Always a pleasure to deal with…good quality Tobacco and fast delivery….used them many times….very happy with their service

  51. Terry says:

    Hi there. I’ve just received a batch of the hand stripped Virginia. What a fantastic product. No fiddly de-stalking to do!
    Instead of a shredder I use a food blender, after drying the roughly chopped leaf. Be careful not to reduce it to dust!
    Tip:- if you use “Make your own” tubes, try Rizla+ they are less prone to tearing.

  52. J Brown says:

    Been buying leaves here for some time, and must say that the quality is great, and that these are great people to deal with, as well. Great personal communication, unlike other sites that I have dealt with in the past. I am now a loyal, returning customer…and happy to see that red Virginia is now on the menu – a bit harder to process, as it is machine harvested – as usual – but worth the effort.
    Actually, in response to some of the comments above, if you are interested in ‘American’ blend, it is 70% burley, 15% virginia ad 15% oriental. In any event, I am happy to have found this site, and enjoy their service and product.

  53. Imrosie1 says:

    Hi everyone, just to give you a bit of advice about my experience with tobacco leaf,
    Dont use a pasta cutter they are not up to it get a leaf shredder that cuts at 0.8mm about £25 on ebay or other sellers, also get a good cigarette filler like the excel or Top O Matic same again about £23+ you can buy your tubes from the £shop 200 for £1.
    Also a good set of digital kitchen scales that measures in grams.

    Firstly your gonna need four types of tobacco leafs Burley,Virginia,Oriental, and Red Virginia.
    This combination of leafs will produce a cigarette that tastes very similar to a shop bought cigarette.
    I have got through 4kilos to get this formulation and it is tried and tested perfect smoke every time.
    7 Grams Oriental
    7 Grams burley
    10 Grams virginia
    22 Grams red virginia
    Make sure the leaf is slightly moist but not too wet or it will clog up the cutter, you need a fine pump mister about £3 from ebay or boots or bodyshop, spray the leaf lightly from a distance this works best then leave it for about 10 mins then take the leaf off the thick stem that runs down the centre and discard the stem, then cut or tear the leaf into small strips about 4″ by 2″ then shred all the leafs and once shredded mix it all together in a bowl please mix it very gently and make sure it is well combined.
    you can cover it and let it settle overnight in the bowl or you can let it dry a little and start tubing the above recipe makes about 50 cigarettes at a time Enjoy!!!!

  54. Jonathan says:

    Service n leaves are top dollar.

  55. Jay Kay says:

    Excellent quality leaves. A very satisfied customer!

  56. Raymond says:

    very good quality,
    Very pleased with Virginia leaves.

  57. Raymond says:

    Hi Parmenion

    I purchased a G100 – 0,8 mm hand cutting machine, and used a cordless 2 speed drill, and I found it very good,
    Take a look at the link below.

    I hope this helps


  58. Parmenion says:

    Just received my latest batch of Burley and Virginia. I have to say, the quality of these leaves just keep getting better and better. Well happy 🙂

    I’ll have to invest in a new shredder though. After snapping the handle off my manual shredder, then burning out the motor of my electric shredder, I’m now using the missus’ food blender! It does the job…well…it doesn’t shred, but it cuts up the leaves into tiny pieces which are very smokable, albeit a bit messy with a lot of excess ‘dust’.
    Does anyone know of an electric shredder which does the job and lasts more than a fortnight?

  59. Raymond says:

    TOBACCO stiff and, HARD TO SHRED

    spray the rollers with water every so often,
    makes it easier to shred

  60. Raymond says:

    I was shredding my tobacco leafs the other day, and found that the leafs were a little too damp, and the shredder had gone very stiff to turn, being to inpatient I carried on, but it got relay stiff, so I used a kitchen sponge and slightly dampened the two rollers from the top with a little water, turned the shredder a couple of times, and it loosened all the sticky sap from the cutters, and it worked really well, and I made sure that I washed the shredder well after use,
    I hope this will help some people

  61. john says:

    Well bought mine a few months ago ive had 3 lots and its great glad i found this site its the best and cheapest around.Im saving a lot of money doing it this way and my shredder is great aswell couldnt be happier.Love the snuff.

  62. Parmenion says:

    Leaves arrived today, and look fantastic!…just ordered a shredder:) Being a tobacco leaf newbie, I’d like to ask…Should I shred my all my leaf straightaway, or just as I’m using it?

  63. Raymond says:

    had my tobacco leaf! today,very good bit of stuff,
    thanks a lot, I will be back for more

  64. Liam says:

    I ordered my first ever whole leaves from these guys at the end of December and was very happy! I ordered the burley/Virginia mix and 500g Virginia separately ~ £30 can’t complain!

    I was very happy [as I was new to this] that I didn’t have to do anything to the leaves. Originally I wanted to mix the burley with Virginia but it just wasn’t for me. I bought a top-o-matic, shredded away and all was great. However I didn’t purchase a good shredder and now I really wish I did. If you’re here you’re probably planning on making your own, if so then please make sure you invest in a good shredder or you may be disappointed!

    I haven’t touched the burley as it isn’t for me but I am going to give it to friend who loves his cigars. It’s very strong and robust -cigar like.
    Anyway to be honest I still buy cigarettes, but only on the weekend and I’ve given up making my own with tubes (well until I get a good shredder and find the perfect tubes).
    Now I just use the whole leaf and mix it with a pack of store bought rolling tobacco (just 10g) to make rollies with menthol filter tips for the week.

    Yeah what I’m currently doing may sound like it’s defeating the whole purpose but seriously it’s not, well for me! I may have not switched over completely but the 1kg has lasted me almost 4 months along with 10g a week of rolling tobacco and a packet of cigarettes on a night out (which is usually a Fri & Sat) but the savings have been unbelievable! I recommend this site highly but I just wish they’d stick some oriental or more different kinds of leaf!

  65. Seems Joe over at Pureleaf is back in business. Now we all know that the quality of his leaf was second to none, even if his prices weren’t but before anyone rushes over to order I’d like to inject a note of caution.

    I am GUESSING Joe@Pureleaf’s computers were seized and that means it is POSSIBLE, theoretically, that HMRC will be sending out Duty Demands to Joe’s former customers.

    Just worth bearing in mind I think.

    PS.I have emailed with the TL4U crew and they assure me that it is highly unlikely HMRC would ever attempt to seize their computer records cos they sell leaf solely to be made into snuff not cigarettes and they would contest any seizure etc etc etc

  66. Raymond says:

    had my leaves today,
    this is the best! It’s the only place where I received whole leaf that was at a perfect case and I didn’t have to do anything to it cheers lads thank you, Ill be back…..these are the best,

  67. Chris Rendall says:

    Hi Chaps
    I was talking with a friend the other day who is a bit new to smoking whole leaf and he was complaining about how the leaves lok. Like little marks and areas that are green. I told him that really, there is nothing to worry about. If you see patches of green. This is where the leaf hasn’t quite cured fully, but is still perfectly smokable. The lieelt brown spots are to do with the method that the leaf has been cured (the flue cure). So if you see any of these on your leaf, please don’t worry. Though, if you want something to worry about then start smoking cigarettes made by the main manufacturers. Apart from the nasty chemicals used, they use what is called ‘sheet’ tobacco. (whats sheet tobacco I hear you ask) Basically, A method of manufacturing sheet tobacco, characterized by the steps of: separating raw material for sheet tobacco into fiber and solution, adding a casing flavor (‘orrible chemical)to the solution.

    Primary Stage

    Reconstituted tobacco sheet and tobacco leaf go through the following processes:

    Mixing and wetting

    Tobacco stem goes through the following processes:


    Secondary Stage

    At this point the reconstituted tobacco sheet, the tobacco leaf, the tobacco stem, and rag from waste cigarettes together go through the secondary process:


    This produces CIGARETTE RAG which then goes through the following stages:

    Cigarette making machines
    Packing machines (Normally cartons of 200 in cases of 3-6,000)
    Production account point (On pallets)
    Registered store (Awaiting delivery)
    Assembly (Orders made up)

    Additional notes

    Any damaged cigarettes are split and the tobacco (ie. rag from waste products) is returned to the process at point 3.

    Offal (ie. dust and waste during process) is collected and is either destroyed or is sent away for manufacture into ‘reconstituted tobacco sheet’ .

    In other words when you buy cigs from a shop you are just smoking all the dust and sh*t swept off the floor, and paying over £6 for 20! lol Yet, smoking whole leaf, you know exactly what is going in. Enjoy!

  68. Gess says:

    By the way, can anybody tell me which leaf I buy that is most like normal cigarettes please? I don’t want to buy the leaf lol. Thanks for this fab site by the way 😀 x

    • Chris Rendall says:

      Hi Gess.
      Now thats like saying what engine shall I buy that is like a normal car!?
      There is only one answer, what do you class as a normal cigarette?
      If you are talking of a bog standard cigarette, then Virginia Flue Cured is perfect. (the brightleaf) Though my personal choice is: a mix of Virginia FC and Burley, 70/30% Burley being the least. The burley itself gives the smoke a more robust flavour. Hopefully soon, there will be more varieties of leaf on the site. It is actually a really nice hobby to have, blending tobaccos together to get just the precise taste that you like. Hope this helps.

  69. Gess says:

    For anybody worried about tax, can I just explain just exactly what tax is and how it came about, which may save you a lot of hassell with Customs and Excise.

    Tax was devised by the people of the nation, as a donation/contribution of earnings to fund public services for the good of the nation, keeping every member of that nation, as safe, happy and healthy as possible, while ensuring everyone would never be without essentials of life, because under ‘Common Law’ it is the birth right of every man, woman and child (the creators)to survive on the planet that produced them. Everyman is equal.

    A government were elected to ensure that everything ticked over nicely. The governors were paid a salary to govern.

    Although we have somehow allowed ourselves to be brainwashed by our governor’s into believing that they demand and we cough up, the fact is, we can refuse everything these pompas, politically corrupt idiots demand.

    Man is the creator, so no man is or has any right to rule or put himself above another man. That is Common Law and the Supreme Court Judge, is just another man, who decides fairness in line with common law.

    The foundations that were agreed by the nation, were put in place in the best interests of the nation.

    Basically, the dictator’s in charge are our servants, nothing more, nothing less. So if you get stopped by customs and excise, just tell them you are a man and you will take your case to the Queen’s Seal. After a few phone calls, you will be allowed to leave with you property.

    If you have bought something, you have exchanged an I.O.U that you can honour for something that is now your property, regardless of what the property is.

    Under Common Law, no man has the right to take unlawfully, property belonging to another man.

    Money has become the master, whereas, it was devised for the good of the nation.

  70. Chris Rendall says:

    Hi people
    I bought some tobacco a little while ago, burley and virginia. But I accidentally let the burley dry to a crisp. What did I do? Well, if you are a person who is into tube filling then this is for you. I shredded a good amount of virginia, and the burley, I crushed with my hands and mixed it with the virginia. I then let the virginia shred also dry up. When it came to filling the tubes, not only were they filled easily but the smoke was heaven. Give it a try!

  71. Chris Rendall says:

    Hi Everyone
    Something that isn’t tobacco related, but I thought it might give you all a laugh. One of my hobbies is special effects video etc. See what you think.

    One for our American friends:

    Please share if you want to.

  72. bob says:

    arrived the next day fantastic service, customer service was friendly and helpful and the leaves are superb too!

    very pleased to say goodbye to those nasty brand tobaccos!

  73. Raymond says:

    have anyone got some blends for a mild smoke ?
    I am new to whole leaf tobacco
    thanks in advance.

    • Chris Rendall says:

      Hi Raymond.
      As you probably know, to get a mild smoke the Virginia leaf is perfect for that, but should you want a more robust yet smooth smoke add some Burley. At the moment I am smoking 70% Virginia and 30% Burley, very nice!
      Tip: If you find that you can stretch financially to a couple of kilos of leaf, store in a dry place for a couple of weeks as the longer its stored the smoother the smoke.

      One more thing, the shredding also has something to do with the flavour, as the finer its shredded the smoother, but when you shred/cut the more the flavour of the tobacco comes through, hence why pipe tobacco is cut slightly wider.

      Welcome to the world of whole leaf, it’s the best!

  74. Chris Rendall says:

    Got some more Virginia and Burley today. The Burley has to be the best that I have had EVER, I can smoke this on its own. the flavour is just wonderful. Too strong for you? just add some Virginia to it.

    My tip for the day. When you buy the leaves, keep at least half by, shredded of course and store it for a while, perhaps 2 weeks and try and get it into a rotor, because the flavour then becomes incredible!

  75. Mick says:

    l cant praise these guys high enough. l’ve found them so helpful are honest to a fault.

  76. Chris says:

    I’m not gay, but I totally love this guy. 100% honest and dead straight!
    What I would really like to see, is some wonderful oriental leaf here. If you like a slightly camel(ish) flavour then the oriental is a must. But people, remember, you are in control of how your smoke/snuff etc tastes.

  77. Jean jones says:

    I must say out of all the whole leaf i have bought online this is the best! It’s the only place where I received whole leaf that was at a perfect case and I didn’t have to do anything to it cheers lads thank you

  78. Suzy says:

    OOOOOOOOwww arrived today and i am soooooo pleased…thankyou so much will deffo order again…

  79. Suzy says:

    Have just ordered some and really looking forward to it….will let you know how i get on with it…

  80. Paul says:

    l never thought of snuff before l came to your site. l’ve found l really like it and the best thing is l can use it anywhere anfd ignore the smoking bans. Snuff is so damn easy to make.Messed around with mixes and have finally got what l really like. Thanks guys

  81. Chris says:

    Hi guys. Just recieved the leaves today. Let me just say first. Whole leaf tobacco at £30 per kilo, a tempting price, but what do you get? I have been smoking whole leaf tobacco for about a year now and have had some exceptional leaves and some that are impossible to work with. I waited 3 days for the bacci to arrive, and as I had no tobacco a friend let me have a few fags…..eeewwww, not nice AT ALL! (after smokin whole leaf, this is what happens) On opening up the box, I was greeted with some very light yellow coloured leaves, this is usually a good sign. I de-ribbed one and shredded it, and of course tubed a cigarette. I promptly light it up and smoked it………What a relief, a proper decent fag at last! The stuff you buy in shops is crap compared to this! It had a pleasant light and smooth flavour without it being wimpy. So, what do you get for £30? one word….DELIGHTFUL!

  82. Andy says:

    Very pleased with Virginia leaves.Good communications. 5*****

  83. Welshy says:

    Don’t be put off by the dodgy looking website (sorry tl4u !) i’ve ordered twice and both times leaf arrived in 2 to 3 days. Quality leaf and a great service, we’re not here looking for a web design service afterall 😉
    More choice of leaf would be nice in the future though, any chance of that happening ?
    Long may you prosper, thank you !

    • The Blocked Dwarf says:

      I think the Guys’ tried to keep the website as simple and old fashioned as possible so it would just WORK. Glossy, snazzy, jpeg heavy pages with loodles of java and css and whateverthefuckelse.exe are all well and good but they are a pain to maintain and even more of a pain to access on mobile devices.

      K.I.S.S – if it were up to me (& thankfully it ain’t) then this would be a purely text site.

      ps. The leaf I got from here this morning is excellent – amazing quality for the price!

  84. prog says:

    Excellent price/service – leaf arrived within 2 days.

    many thanks.

  85. PJH says:

    .. another satisfied customer here.

  86. Dannyboy says:

    Are you going to sell shredders?

  87. Steve says:

    Good quality leaves – very pleased. Will buy again in the not-too-distant future!

  88. JB says:

    Very good customer service.

  89. Gordon says:

    Came in 4 days, good service. High quality leaves.

  90. Davy says:

    Order arrived yesterday and very happy with it. Thx

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