Jan 18th 2017

N2D have now done a follow up regarding registration for leaf. Well worth a read and they are giving away free gifts!!!

Jan 16th 2017

We were going to post about the new registration scheme for raw tobacco but those boys at N2D have already done so. They’ve done it far better than we could and we agree with everything they’ve said. HMRC & Border Force are targeting the legitimate trade and that’s you and us. The illegal trade does not seem on their agenda. We are being used as cannon fodder just so they can be seen to be doing something.

As private customers you will have options to continue to purchase your leaf. For us as a company, the future is very uncertain.

We advise you all to go over to N2D, take note and participate.  LINK

Dec 6th 2016

Finally we seem to be getting some information on the new Control of Raw Tobacco Regs. After delay after delay we are now given the date of 14th Dec 2016 as the date a public notice will be issued regarding registration. We’ll keep you informed.

Nov 25th 2015

It has come to our attention that Border Force (HMRC) are seizing leaf  imports from companies in the UK … in despite of the regulations! We know of 3 companies that has had their leaf seized at the border. Border Force are not acting legally at all but that hasn’t stopped them doing it. They do not care if they win or lose in court because it takes up to 6 months or more for the case to come to court and in the meantime the companies cannot trade because they have no stock.

Also, the couriers such as DHL will no longer transport any shipments of leaf because Border Force hold up their transport for hours or in some cases seize the transport! The transport is eventually returned but it has delayed DHL in delivering the rest of other people’s shipments. We understand completely such as DHL’s position and would do the same in their shoes.

We, ourselves, have had no shipments seized but we have had to make alternative arrangements which is very costly. We are not in a position to absorb this extra cost so we will have to increase our prices.

No figure has yet been decided but we expect it to be in the region of 15%. This is beyond our control not of our making. We expect the price rise to take effect on 1st Dec 2015.

We will say this … Border Force are not fit for purpose and are an utter disgrace. We abide by all the regulations as did the 3 companies we mentioned … Border Force DO NOT abide by the regulations!

Jan 15th 2015

HMRC are trying to stop your leaf! You have the chance to stop them!

Go to N2D and read what they are trying to do and more importantly what you can do!

Their preferred option is for EVERYONE of you who buys leaf to be registered BUT the way it’s setup l doubt any of you could be registered.

The 2nd option is to increase powers at the border BUT we believe we can handle that.

Follow the instructions on N2D and voice your objection. 

We CAN’T do this for you, it’s up to YOU. Don’t worry about answering them because you don’t have to give ANY personal data. Simply email them (make a new email address for yourself if you want)

If YOU don’t do anything then it will happen … NOW is the time to act.

It only takes a couple of minutes!

Deadline is 30th Jan 2015

Jan 8th 2015

Important news! Watch this space

Oct 23rd 2014

We now accept all major Debit/Credit cards




Oct 6th 2014




15th Aug 2014

We’ve just changed servers/host due to having major issues with GoDaddy and Hostgator … they are now no more as far as we are concerned.  It was quite nerve racking to say the least to changeover but it all went quite smoothly.

Thanks to all our customers for their patience.

Call back soon … we have further news … good news  🙂


24th July 2014

We’ve been very busy sourcing new leaf. lt’s been a long and sometimes frustrating task but it was all worth it in the end. We now have a supplier that guarantees the quality of the leaf to a very high standard indeed.We don’t just source it … we go and see it! You desreve the best and we give you the best.

We shall also be adding to our range when the new crop comes out in Sept/Oct 2014.

Watch this space!


15th Dec 2013

 Fantastic value! Only £27 all in for a brand new 0.8mm shredder!! Pureleaf charge £38.98! Grab yourself a bargain.



12th Nov 2013

Interesting article on the plight of the leaf supplier Pureleaf with Customs.

Article here

5tn Nov 2013

People sometimes ask about the legality of buying tobacco leaf … mainly re ‘is it liable to UK Tobacco Duty?’ The answer is there is NO UK Tobacco Duty on tobacco leaf.

N2D have just done a very good article on this subject and a link to an actual legal case where HMRC were told in no uncertain terms that tobacco leaf is NOT liable for any duty.

You can read the article here.

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