How Your Leaf Comes From The Farmer To YOU!

Whilst on a recent purchasing trip late Jan, early Feb 2015,  l took the opportunity to take photos of the tobacco factory working. Now is the time that the farmers bring their produce for sale. Price depends on the quality. As one farmer left, another came.

This went on all morning till lunchtime and has been doing so since mid Jan and will continue till March. Photos show various ways the leaf is handled depending on where it’s final destination will be.


Burley Tobacco leaves arriving from farmer at tobacco factory Feb 2015


Other side of pic above


Unloaded and ready for grading


Bales are then labelled after being inspected. Note … loose leaves on top of bale. These were pulled out from centre of bale. Also a government official has to present at all times.


Various type of leaf boxed and ready for shipment. Leaves included Virginia, Burley, Red Virginia, Dark Kentucky and Oriental. There were rooms and rooms just like this.


This particular batch was ready for shredding.


This is the shredding machine!


These ladies are hand stripping the leaves.


These ladies are also hand stripping the leaves.


Hand stripped leaves (Virginia). Box will hold approx 100kg.


Another process was vacuum packing. This is loose leaf Virginia packed into 250g packages


19 Tonnes of loose leaf being loaded for Germany.

6 comments on “How Your Leaf Comes From The Farmer To YOU!
  1. Mrs J says:

    Following my son’s suggestion I jumped in, bought a shredder and 2 different types of tobacco, one for my husband who is an old holborn addict and a virginia for myself. I am absolutely thrilled with the results, hubby will take a bit longer! but he WILL get there!

  2. FredTheShred says:

    Some closeups of the shredding machine and the shredded tobacco would be interesting….sad old man that I am. Details, Guys, I need DETAILS! What width of shred? Was it really a ‘shredder’ or a ‘cutter’ machine?

    • Steve says:

      We didn’t get that close. We were told it was a shredder for making HRT. They have commissioned the building of their own design. Was not in full operation when we saw it.

  3. William says:

    Hi will you send to uk thamks

  4. Mr E says:

    Although I have browsed the site for many months, this is my first purchase of leaf.
    Because of the monetary maths, I was somewhat reluctant to make a earlier purchase, as i’m only interested in using the leaf to make my own blend of tobacco flavoured tincture for E-vaping.
    The special offer currently available on the dried out oriental leaf; finally makes this a cost effective little project for me!
    Here’s hoping there’ll be even more offers like this in the near future!
    Keenly awaiting my delivery!

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